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New to Yoga?

Yoga is a five-millennia-old practice originating in India and becoming popular in the west in the 80's.  Modern yoga typically focuses on stretches and poses designed to stimulate inner peace and physical energy. Ancient yoga was less about fitness and more about mental focus and expanding spiritual energy. A regular yoga practice offers many benefits. Increased flexibility, strength, balance and awareness of your body as well as your mind which will progressively become calmer and less reactive.


When you stretch the muscles of the body in different yoga postures, you are also massaging your internal organs and rinsing toxins from the body. Your energy levels are boosted straight away. Through the focus on correct breathing and postures you’re increasing oxygen uptake and revitalizing your body on the whole.  

Beginners Yoga

Six week course

Thursdays 5.30pm

Next course commencing May 7th

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Other offerings

Multi-cultural group

If you or anyone you know is new to Waiuku or has moved here from overseas and would like to make new connections, friendships, find support and brush up on their english speaking skills - this is a weekly opportunity to do so.

Womens Circle

A safe and supportive space for women from all walks of life to share, connect and empower each other and embrace the sacred feminine within. Gathering once a month.

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